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Seven Islands Project in Cape Coral, FL

Seven Islands Project in Cape Coral, FL

The Seven Islands Project Abbreviated

The Seven Islands, in Northwest Cape Coral, consists of 48 acres and contains 7 waterfront parcels and 46 adjoining properties along the west side of Old Burnt Store Road.

Cape Coral purchased the 48-acre property in 2012, as part of a $13 million land purchase of foreclosed parcels. 

City officials hope it will result into a mixed use development with residential and commercial properties.

Despite earlier protests, the Northwest Neighborhood Association is on board with the plan, as long as it doesn't become something the neighbors don't want. Those not in favor say the land and the waterway cant handle it. 

With a vote of 6-2  from council on Monday October 9, 2018, confirmed a plan adopted to allow development on Seven Islands up to eight stories along with other features like a marina, parks and commercial properties.

Cape Coral's Planning and Zoning Commission approved rezoning 2.4 acres of commercial development as the gateway to Seven Islands development, with primary access to from NW 32nd Place.  Having a commercial gateway with signage that advertises the future Seven Islands is very important for the success of the project.  

Most of the land will hook up to city sewer, water and irrigation within the next three years as part of the Cape Coral's North 1 Utilities Extension Project. 


Mike McShea of C.B.R.E has been hired to locate a developer and contractors. The developer will design a concept plan that calls for 995 units of residential, a 240-room resort hotel, a 25,000 square-foot meeting facility and 45,000 feet of commercial space with a community center, park, marina and boat slips.  The selecting of the developer and contractor will be voted on in the Fall of 2019.

The Northwest Cape Coral Planning and Seven Island Visioning project is led by CPH, Inc., with the firm's particular focus on land planning, policy, urban design and infrastructure. Members of the team include:

•DixHite Partners: design policy, visioning and urban design
•Stuart and Associates: land planning, economics and communications
•PlanActive Studio: form base code and design policy recommendations

City of Cape Coral

Joe Coviello

Council Members
District 1: John Gunter
District 2: John M. Carioscia Sr.
District 3: Marilyn Stout
District 4: Jennifer I. Nelson
District 5: Dave Stokes
District 6: Richard Williams
District 7: Jessica Cosden 

City Manager

John Szerlag

City Attorney

Dolores Menendez

City Auditor

Andrea R. Butola

City Clerk

Rebecca van Deuteko